Bernie and Scout

Good Home | young | male and male

Secret Agents: Scout & Bernie

Scene: Scout & Bernie patrolling the playroom.

Scout: I got eyes on it! Over.

Bernie: Can you make the pounce? Over.

Scout: I think so… my extra toes will definitely come in handy here.

Bernie: Let me know if you need another double-paw or two.

Scout (attacking a pom-pom): Got it!!! Thanks for covering my back.

Bernie: No problem, cousin. Someday I hope we can work together in a bigger room.

Scout: Yeah – imagine a place where we could hunt for real mice!

Bernie: With no one forcing us to cuddle on their lap!

Scout: Maybe like a woodshop? Oh man, that would be heaven.

Bernie: I mean, I don’t mind humans… Heck, I even like being petted sometimes! I just don’t want to be tied down, ya know?

Scout: Totally. I’m a cat person myself.

Bernie: And that’s why I love ya, kid. Nobody puts a pink collar on you!

Scout (disgusted): Blech! Do you think there is a human out there that can provide lifelong stability without needing so much attention all the time?

Bernie: That’s definitely the dream. And I’m holding out hope that the perfect job opportunity arises for both of us. (eyes narrowing) Hey, Scout – are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Scout: Wand toy, eleven o’clock?

Bernie: You got it.

Scout (wiggling his hindquarters): Incoming!


Apparently healthy. Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and FIV/FeLV negative.


Sweet, playful and shy. Prefer the company of other cats and would love a place to patrol and hunt together!