Cuddly Kitten Cupid

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I can’t WAIT to show you how much I love you! Like, I love you bigger than the whole sky! Do you love me too?

I am SO EXCITED that I’m not on the streets of Bushwick anymore. Now I can chase bouncy balls all day! (Or whenever I’m not giving you all the love you deserve. Because aside from chasing bouncy balls, snuggling and purring are my top two favorite hobbies.)

I’m one, two, three, FOUR months old. The playroom says I should be proud that I’m not a fussy eater. When I grow up, I want to be a professional cuddler. Will you help me train for that? I’d also be OK if you have other friendly animals with whom I can practice nuzzling.

Can you come visit me at the Good Home playroom? I just KNOW I’ll win your heart!




Apparently healthy


Affectionate, easy going and sweet