Cruella DeVil’s got Nothing On Petunia

Good Home | young | female

Months of living on the street didn’t have a negative impact on me at all. Even though I had two babies in the middle of winter I cared for them as a good mom should and made sure they crossed the street safely and had a nook to sleep in. We stuck together.

My babies were rescued off the street a little bit before I was. We were reunited for a time at the Good Home adoption room. It was nice to see them again but by the time we were together again they had grown quite a bit, didn’t really need me anymore and honestly I prefer people to other cats! My babies have both graduated now and I’m still looking for my forever human.

Humans gave me my name, Petunia, because my coat is as soft as the petals of a flower. Even on the street, dirty and so thin from having nothing to eat for days, my coat was incredibly soft. Now I’m all clean and bright white with black patches like a cow. And I’m a little plump! I like to nosh and nibble so it will be a happy day when I’m adopted and someone can help manage my meals ūüôā

I like people so much that sometimes they let me hang out in the pet supply store, Beastie Bestie Pet Provisions, in Crown Heights Brooklyn (it is in front of the Good Home playroom where I’m living until my forever people come along). But you can always meet me at the playroom. I’m a really great cat looking for a side kick!


Apparently Healthy


Social, outgoing, and healthy self-esteem!


751 Franklin Ave · Brooklyn, NY · 11238