Good Home | young | female

I’m looking for someone independent who also knows how to cuddle and play. Unlike those other cats, I’m not going to wake you up at 5 AM for food. But you might wake with me curled up near you so we can have a bit of morning time together.

Did I mention that my fur is 78.9% softer than velvet and I love head scratches? I also love hunting feather toys, ribbons, felt mice, rubber balls, ping pong balls…pretty much anything!

But, I know how to share – growing up with siblings, you become good at that kind of thing. I love to play and, if you have something for us to climb, we’re set. I’ll need some time to trust you, but don’t worry, I’m a great judge of character. If you’re nice and willing to take some time to know me, I know we’ll be best pals!


Apparently healthy. Spayed, vaccinated and microchipped and FIV/FeLV negative.


Sweet, mellow, shy and playful. Great company for other cats.