So you’re ready to be a pet parent!

So you’re ready to be a pet parent!

Adoption preparation

If you have read Cat Care 101 and are comfortable with the responsibilities and costs associated with pet parenting, please fill out the following Q&A so we can get to know you a little better. We love talking with our adopters and applications are reviewed in person! Please note that we are not currently bilingual-capable and conversations must be conducted in English.

Adoption fee

All of our cats and kittens are spayed or neutered, vaccinated (FVRCP  and rabies),  SNAP tested (negative, unless noted), microchipped and carry an adoption fee of $250.00 (unless otherwise noted). This fee helps us cover costs we incur to properly prepare our cats and kittens for their “graduation” and to assist other street cats in need.

Adoption process

If you know which feline you’d like to adopt, please fill out the following Q&A. If you’re not applying for someone specific, before submitting a Q&A, please first visit our adoption room. We are currently open to the public on Saturday & Sunday 12-5. We ask for a $6 fee to visit the cats ($5 if you’re paying in cash). The Good Home Adoption Room is located in back of Beastie Bestie Pet Provisions at 751 Franklin Ave 11238. You can also check out our Adoptable Cats or Instagram pages.


  • While same-day adoptions do happen occasionally, most take at least 24 hours to process. Our main goal is always to place cats and kittens responsibly and in homes where they will be a great fit.
  • We are unable to hold a cat or kitten for adoption for any length of time.
  • Once an adoption has been processed please be prepared to bring your new cat home within 24 hours
  • Submitting a Q&A without having a specific feline in mind can create a delay responding to you. If you’re not sure who is right for you, please visit our adoption room to meet some of our wonderful, adoptable cats and kittens! Good Home is located at 751 Franklin Ave 11238, in back of Beastie Bestie Pet Provisions.
  • Applications are reviewed twice a week. We respectfully ask for time to reply.
  • Prospective adopters must provide identification in the form of:
    —U.S. government-issued photo ID
    —A bill or other document matching the address listed in the Q&A

We respectfully ask prospective adopters to respond to the questions below mindfully and completely. The Q&A doesn’t take long to fill out. Answers that don’t make sense or don’t pertain to the question may result in a delay replying to you. Thank you!